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(in the Active Care Medical Centre)



May 28


Testing has been expanded to include everyone including asymptomatic people. The self-assessment tool has been revised again, and a yes response to any symptom, risk factor or contact will yield the recommendation that you be tested. Testing centres will also test anyone who "feels that they need a test". No recommendation from a health provider is needed.  The London assessment centres are open from 11am to 7pm (Mon-Fri at Oakridge arena / 7 days a week at carling arena). We cannot do testing at our office. Aside from travelling to the assessment centre, you should self-isolate. if you have symptoms. You should also self-isolate if you are a close contact . 


To minimize the spread of Covid-19, we are deferring appointments for non-urgent health concerns. The Ministry has given us permission to start seeing non-urgent patients, but we will continue phone assessments when appropriate as we evaluate how to modify our office operations safely. If you need renewals of medications for chronic conditions, please ask your pharmacy to fax us and we will renew them without charge.



If you provide your Email address to us by sending a blank email with your name in the subject line to DrKeithFerguson (at) gmail (dot) com or DrKBielas (at) gmail (dot) com, we may be better able to communicate information to you. This will be used for mass communication for now. Please DO NOT send other requests by email unless previously arranged - we will not respond to these requests.

Labs and xray facilities

Most outpatient labs are open for blood tests (though not the one in our building yet). they do not do Covid-19 testing. Lifelabs and Dynacare both suggest that you arrange an appointment before going to the lab - this can be done on-line or by phone. London xray will do imaging by appointment with a faxed requisition - they will not accept walk-in patients.