Keith Ferguson MD

1807 Wonderland Rd. North - Suite 104

(in the Active Care Medical Centre)


last updated August 3, 2020

To my patients,


After 35 years, I have decided to retire from clinical medicine. I’ve been fortunate to find Dr. Lesley Mok to take over my practice. She is from a family of family doctors, and I have worked with both her father and sister. I’m pleased to be leaving you in such good hands.


Dr. Mok will take over my practice in September 2020, and will have access to the electronic record that I have been using since 2011. You will be asked to re-roster with her. If you prefer instead to move to another doctor, your records can be copied for your new physician upon your written request.


This is a bittersweet decision. I have known most of you for years, and some of you for most of my career (including a few who have been with me since my first month of practice in London in May 1985). Some of the babies that I delivered in my obstetrical days are now grown with children of their own who are also my patients, and I have a few four-generation families that I look after.


I have very much appreciated the privilege of being your physician. I think you will be well taken care of by Dr. Mok, and I wish you all the best.


Keith Ferguson


A note about my medical records…


My electronic records will be transferred to Dr. Mok so she will have access to your health information for your ongoing care. This will occur automatically (unless you specify to me in writing prior to September 2020 that you want the information from your records transferred elsewhere).


If you were born after June 2002, all your records here are in electronic format. If you were born before July 2002 (and a patient here prior to April 2011), I may also have a paper chart containing your older health records. I moved what I felt to be the relevant information and reports into the electronic record when I switched in 2011, so it is doubtful that there is anything in the paper records that would be needed. They will not be transferred to Dr. Mok. I will retain them for a period of time and then destroy them in accordance with College of Physicians regulations and Canadian health privacy legislation.


If you would like a copy of the older paper record, a copy can be made for you. (Again, there is unlikely to be any needed information in these records). There is a fee for copying and mailing costs (currently $40 or more, depending on the size of the chart). If you want this done, you will need to let me know in writing within the next 2 years by sending an Email to You will then be advised of the cost, and the record will be copied and mailed to you upon payment.