Aug 2

As the province starts re-opening, the risk from Covid-19 remains. You should continue to maintain physical distancing and limit your contacts. The province has expanded testing to include everyone including asymptomatic people. The self-assessment tool has been revised again, and a yes response to any symptom, risk factor or contact will yield the recommendation that you be tested. No recommendation from a health care provider is needed.  The London assessment centres are open from 11am to 7pm (Mon-Fri at Oakridge arena / 7 days a week at carling arena). We cannot do testing at our office. Aside from travelling to the assessment centre, you should self-isolate if you have symptoms. You should also self-isolate if you are a close contact . 



If you have an in-office appointment, we have some rules - click here


We will continue to limit office visits to those where physical examination is necessary. This will also now include appointments for overdue vaccines, and follow-up when physical examination is needed (e.g. abnormal pap tests). We will continue to offer phone consultation for issues that can be assessed in this way. We are only booking appointments a few weeks ahead as the Covid situation remains somewhat unpredictable.


The number of in-office appointment times is limited, as we are trying to have as few people in the office simultaneously as possible, and there is longer “turn-around time” between visits to allow for exam room cleaning.

If you need medication renewals for a chronic stable condition, please ask your pharmacy to fax us a request and we will refill your prescription without charge.

Labs and xray facilities

Most outpatient labs are reopening (though not the one in our building). they do not do Covid-19 testing. If you are overdue for blood tests, a requisition can be sent to your lab. Lifelabs and Dynacare both suggest that you arrange an appointment before going to the lab - this can be done on-line or by phone. London xray will do imaging by appointment with a faxed requisition - they will not accept walk-in patients. Screening tests such as mammograms and bone density tests are still being postponed. 

In-office appointments...


Do not come to the office if you have a fever or symptoms of an infection, or have been exposed to someone with symptoms of an infection.


If possible, come on your own. People who are not being assessed should remain outside the office unless they are needed (e.g. parent of a child, assistant for an elderly person).


Your appointment time is your arrival time. If you arrive early, please wait outside the office until your arrival time. If you are late, we will not be able to accommodate you as we need to keep our waiting room clear. You will need to re-book and may be subject to a no-show fee.


For the protection of our staff, you must wear a mask while in the office.


When you arrive, please use the hand sanitizer when you enter the office.

A lot of rules! Our goal is to keep everyone safe while meeting your health care needs.