Flu vaccine


...will return in the fall


If you have an appointment at the office for some other reason, you can get the flu vaccine at your visit (depending on vaccine availability). We will also offer vaccine-only appointments.

If you are 65+, the high dose vaccine is recommended if available, but we can't be sure of our supply. You can get the "regular" flu vaccine if there is no high dose vaccine available at your visit. We cannot reserve vaccine.

children under 5 can get the flu vaccine here (they cannot get it at pharmacies).

if you are ages 5-64, you can get the  flu vaccine at our office or at your pharmacy.

flumist nasal spray vaccine is not available in Canada this year.

Pharmacies will be offering Ministry funded "regular" flu shots again this year, Pharmacists cannot give shots to children under 5, and they will not receive ministry supplies of high dose vaccine.