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June 2020

Dr. Bielas is moving to British Columbia. She has found a physician to take over her practice - Dr. Haggag will start at the beginning of August. No action is needed by you at this time - if you are a patient of Dr. Bielas, you will automatically become a patient of Dr. Haggag (unless you choose to find another physician). You will be asked to sign a form enrolling with Dr. Haggag later in the year. We do not have this form - it will be sent to you later. Dr. Ferguson is not accepting new patients or any transfers to his practice.

March 2020 - COVID-19

This information has been moved to its own page


November 2019..

We need to collect Email addresses, as several specialists offices now require this information to accept referrals (in order to communicate appointment information to patients). we will also use Email for mass communication for issues such as flu vaccine availability. We will not use Email for individual communication unless specifically arranged.

Please send an Email from the address you would like to use, with your name in the subject line, to:

DrKeithFerguson (at) gmail (dot) com


DrKBielas (at) gmail (dot) com